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What can be found on this website?

On the website of the Competence Centre for Videoconference Services (VCC), assistance regarding audiovisual communication in the German Research Network (DFN) is provided. The services offered by the DFN contain the video conferencing service DFNVideoConference and the web conferencing service. The DFNInternet service is required for the use of these services.

The DFNVideoConference service is based on the H.32x-protocol suite. In the field, these protocols are H.320 for ISDN- and H.323 for IP-based connections. Furthermore, the service can be used with the SIP protocol.

For these protocols, that were standardised by the ITU/IETF, there is detailed information available. Many major manufacturers (for example Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Sony and others) provide solutions and products in this sector, which were tested by the VCC.

The web conferencing service is based on the Adobe Connect product. It is centrally provided and supported by the German Research Network.

If you have any questions regarding the two aforementioned services, feel free to contact

What cannot be found on this website?

The Competence Center for Videoconference Services (VCC) is a project by the German Research Network. Its primary task is the support of all academic institutions in Germany which use the DFN services for audiovisual communication.

On our website, there is no information available regarding commercial services, like Skype or GoogleTalk. There are many security issues with this kind of service, that is why they are not supported whitin the DFN.