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URI Dialing (H.323 version 5)


Conceptual fundamentals

The protocol H.323 version 5 (until july 2003: H.323, Annex O) describes the structure and the use of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) combined with H.323 processes. The URL includes all the necessary parameters which are essential for its use in the H.323 setting.

The basic structure is the common form user@host. Both components (user and host) or only one (user alone or @host alone) are possible. The component user is a H.323-user or H.323-service name. The component host is a valid IP address or a full domain name and in order to obtain its resolution an already existing DNS infrastructure is used.

An URL is a proper subset of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). So every URL is always a URI (RFC 3986/1.1.3 and RFC 2396/1.2 ).


The archive contains device-specific dial-in procedures for H.323 systems, such as those used in the DFNVideoConference service until 11/2018. These are no longer valid and have been replaced by other specific access routes and dial-in methods.