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Device specific results of different endpoints

System URI-Dialing SIP-Dialing
LifeSize Room
SW 4.0; 4.2.7
(MCU Call Allocation)
SIP has to be activated in system properties
Mirial Softphone 6 und 7
Windows Vista
only without GK-registration
Mirial Softphone 6 und 7
Windows XP
only without GK-registration
Errors: automatic disconnection shortly after dial-in

Polycom PVX 8.0.2
Windows XP
Errors: Automatic disconnection shortly after dial-in (after 1min 20sec), if transport protocol "both" (TCP+UDP) or TCP is activated
Error: "The participant you are calling does not respond. Please try again later." Using UDP no errors.
Polycom PVX 8.0.4
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows XP
only without GK-registration
not working, call rejected, error: "Remote destination is not supported by transport network."
Polycom VSX 3000 not working
Sony PCS-G70 v 2.61 no SIP available
Tandberg 6000 MXP/
Tandberg 990 MXP
SW F7.0 Pal
only without GK-registration
VCON vPointHD 8.0 Executive not possible no SIP available
Table: Test results of device specific dial-in tests in DFNVC-MCU with URI-Dialing and SIP-Dialing