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RealPresence Desktop for Windows - Configuration

The video conferencing software Polycom RealPresence Desktop is available starting with Windows XP SP3.

A technical overview for Windows and Mac is available.

Installation, Licensing and First Use

The installation proceeds in 5 self-explanatory steps:

Installation Schritt1 Installation Schritt2 Installation Schritt3 Installation Schritt4 Installation Schritt5


After the installation, RealPresence Desktop is started. The following screenshots are unfortunately only available in German.

You do not enter an email address here, instead click on skip login (here Anm.übersp.).



Afterwards click activate (here Aktivieren).



Now enter the licence number (here Lizenznummer) and the activation code (here Aktivierungscode), which you received when purchasing the software and confirm the activation.


Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows is ready for operation. The IP address is obtained automatically from the system. By default, now the following is set:

Es geht los!

At this time connections to other video conferencing devices can be established via IP and Polycom RealPresence Desktop can be called by other video conferencing devices. Other configuration settings can be found in the next section.

Service DFNVideoConference - Settings

In order to be able to use the service DFNVideoConference (DFNVC), your video conferencing software has to be registered with a gatekeeper. In this example, the DFNVC gatekeeper is used. You can get the necessary information about it from the DFN hotline.


The H.323 alias is imparted to the remote side at dial-up and describes or names the caller. Enter the E.164 number under H.323 branch (H.323-Nebenstelle). You can get it from the local contact person of your institution.
After confirming with OK, when the registration was successful the E.164 number (H.323 branch) is displayed in the lower left corner instead of the IP. Now you can dial into a multipoint conference of the DFNVC.

Further Configuration Settings

Under general (Allgemeines) in the settings you can determine if you want to accept calls automatically, with or without mute audio and/or video.

konfigeinstellung Allgemeines

The call rate (Anrufrate) can be increased to 1920 kbps for a workplace within the scientific network.


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