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Linphone Version 4 - Configuration

This freeware, meant to be used for IP-calls and videotransmission, permits the participation in DFNVideoConferences, and therefor the mulitmediacommunication with several users. Linphone (Version 4.1.1 2017/07/21 by 2017/07/21) is available for the operatingsystems Windows, OS-X and Linux. It uses the standard SIP protocol (RFC3261). The download is to be found at:


Regarding the installation on Windows it needs to be mentioned, that the offered open H.264-Codec from Cisco is also installed. Due the installation the firewall exception for windows must be granted. Under OS X is the open H. 264-codec installed automatically.

If you would like to obtain the version 4.1.1 under Linux, you have to clone this version from the official Git repository ( and follow the installation instructions.
Unfortunately the codec H.264 is not available under Linux even though it was installed system-wide.
The version 4.1.1 has only the videocodec VP8, which will be not supported by the DFN-MCU. The problem was adressed with a Plugin (msx264-1.5.2.tar.gz) at the Linphone website:
This can be installed, but at the version 4.1.1 it does not bring the solution for the problem (status as of 08.11.2017). Because of the problems mentioned here, the usage of Linphone under Linux in this version is not recommended.


At Preferences - configurations following adjustments can be made:

A SIP account is not required.

Dial-into DFNVC multipointconference

Dialing into DFNVC multipointconference is etablished via (SIP-Einwahl). xxxxx is placeholder for the converencenumber you wish to enter. Further information can be get at the DFN-hotline.

MCU-Verbindung MCU Verbindung mit Statistik

The higher you choose the video resolution, the more block formation can occur. The preset video resolution is not always transmitted to the MCU Conference. With pre-set 1080p, it is possible that no video will be received from the MCU.
Videokonferences with Linphone are not encrypted. Transmitting a datapresentation (BFCP) is not possible. Datapresentations can only be received.


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