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Logitech C 930e


Performance parameterBild der Logitech-Webcam C910

System requirements


Accessories/ further images

Bild der Logitech-Webcam C930e Bild der Logitech-Webcam C930e Bild der Logitech-Webcam C930e



Testing period: October 2013

Contrast and optical resolution

Testaufnahme - Kontrast

Fig.: Test patterns of contrast and resolution - camera image (left), original image (right)

Colour rendering

Testbild 2 im Vergleich

Fig.: Test patterns of colour rendering - camera image (left), original image (right)


Verleich der Helligkeitskompensation

Fig.: Brightness compensation

Weitere Testaufnahmen

Fig.: Near field image


The picture quality is excellent. It is noteable that this camera imposes high demands on the hardware. The camera was tested with an Intel Core2 Extrem X9100 and it was not possible to have the highest resolution and frame rate without judder. With Intel Core i7 3940XM the use of the camera was trouble-free. The existing zoom-function is not easily accessible (e.g. pushing the button on device). The inconvenient path via driver has to be used in this case. Furthermore, the focus was not fully satisfactory and a re-sharpening was necessary.