Logitech CC3000e


Performance parameter Picture of Logitech CC3000e

System requirements


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Testing period: October 2014

Contrast und optical resolution

Testaufnahme - Kontrast

Fig.: Test patterns of contrast and resolution - camera image (left), original image (right)

Colour rendering

Testbild 2 im Vergleich

Fig.: Test patterns of colour rendering - camera image (left), original image (right)


Verleich der Helligkeitskompensation

Fig.: Brightness compensation

Weitere Testaufnahmen

Fig.: Near field image

Test results

Further pictures and test patterns

Bild der Logitech cc3000e Bild der Logitech cc3000e Bild der Logitech cc3000e


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This camera has an excellent picture quality. It is designed as a ConferenceCam and doesn't belong to the group of webcams anymore. The integrated handsfree kit allows the user to run this system also in smaller conference rooms by means of a Laptop or PC. All in all there are various usage possibilities and the price-performance ratio is favourable.