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Logitech Group


Performance parameterLogitech Group

System requirements


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Testing period: January 2019

Contrast und optical resolution

Vergleich Kontrast Aufloesung

Fig.: Test patterns of contrast and resolution - camera image (left), original image (right)

Colour rendering

Vergleich Farbdarstellung

Fig.: Test patterns of colour rendering - camera image (left), original image (right)



Fig.: Brightness compensation

Aufnaahme NahfeldAufnahme im Nahfeld

Fig.: Near field image


The range of the microphone unit can be extended by two expansion microphones from 6 to 8,5m (always in pairs available), which can be connectd to the hands-free module.

The remote control contains a dock option. That means, the remote control will be or is docked at the hands-free module. The camera functions can be done by the buttons of the hands-free module and also by the remote control.

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The Logitech Group designed as a conference cam convinces with very good audio and video properties. The Logitech Group is due to the PTZ functionality and the control possibilities including the hands-free module with four installed omnidirectional beamforming microphones suitable for group sizes up to 14 persons. Via a pair of expansion microphones the range can be increased. The Logitech Group is simply connectable to a laptop or pc and due to this usable for a lot usage scenarios.