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Logitech Rally Plus


Performance parameterImage Logitech Rally Plus



System requirements


The Logitech Rally-Table-Hub and the Logitech Rally-Display-Hub are connected via a Cat6a cable with a maximum length of 50m. All of the HDMI, camera and sound signals are transmitted via this connection.

Basically there are two different options to install the Logitech Rally Plus, which differ in the positioning of the meeting room PC. The meeting room PC can be connected either to the Logitech Rally-Table-Hub (therefore to the table) or to the Logitech Rally-Display-Hub, therefore to the displays / projectors.

The setup is easy and quick. The attached manual is well structured and self-explanatory.

The Logitech Rally-Camera can also be mounted upside down. This is automatically recognized during the start and standby procedure and is transmitted accordingly.

As soon as the meeting room PC is connected via USB, the HDMI signals transmission is cut for a brief period. Hence it is wise to first connect the meeting room PC and subsequently the HDMI connections.

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: Setup (compact)

Fig.1: Setup (compact)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: Setup (usage in the video conference room)

Fig.2: Setup (usage in the video conference room)

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Testing period: March 2019

Contrast and optical resolution

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: resolution comparison

Fig.3: Testing image for contrast and resolution (ltr) - camera image wide-angle, camera image telephoto, original image

Color reproduction

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: color comparison

Fig.4: Testing image for the color reproduction (ltr) - camera image wide-angle, camera image telephoto, original image

Start / Power consumption

Upon pressing the on switch, it takes 55 seconds for the Logitech Rally Plus to become ready for use. However from standby, it takes three seconds. The usual power consumption lies around 30 Watts. There is no timer function.


The Logitech Rally Plus is operated with the included remote. These remotes are well structured and can be used intuitively. It is not necessary to have a direct line of sight to the receiver within the Logitech Rally-Camera. Up to five remotes can be paired with the Logitech Rally Plus. The Logitech Rally-Camera is controlled by the tilting and panning area on the remote and via two zooming buttons. The movement of the Logitech Rally-Camera is rather slow but therefore proves to be pleasant and easily controllable. The sounds the camera makes while moving are adequately quiet.

Furthermore, one can define up to two camera presets and one home position. The camera presets are saved by pressing the corresponding camera preset buttons for at least three seconds and can afterwards be accessed by briefly pressing same button. The home position can be set by pressing the home button for the duration of 10 seconds and can also be accessed afterwards by briefly pressing this button. Also, the home position is automatically moved to before going into standby.

There are additional buttons, like the expected volume control and mute button for the Logitech Rally-Deskmicrophones. The muted state is being displayed by a red light at the Logitech Rally-Deskmicrophones and each of them also have a mute button.

Both of the call-accept/-hangup buttons only work with compatible applications. Pexip (DFNconf) is not supported, whereas Skype for Business works flawlessly.

The last button of the remote manages the Bluetooth pairing of the Logitech Rally Plus. For this, the button has to be pressed long enough for the blue indicator light to flash. Then the Logitech Rally Plus is visible via Bluetooth and can be paired as an audio device. The range of the Bluetooth pairing is more than sufficient. Unfortunately the Logitech Rally Plus via Bluetooth is solely possible via compatible applications, hence Pexip (DFNconf) cannot be used in this setup.

The Logitech Rally Plus switches to standby as early as 5 seconds without using it. There is no possibility to change this behaviour.

The Logitech Sync is the most usable of the supplied software tools. It shows the firmware versions of all of the components and updates to a newer one if necessary automatically. Morever there is an audio and video test integrated into the software. The additional software for changing settings of the camera can control the Logitech Rally-Camera. This means it can make use of the PTZ function. Sadly this is hardly useable because of the input delay and the transposition of directions. Besides there are more settings for the video image (brightness, contrast, autofocus/focus, color intensity, white balance).


In order to use 4k resolutions, it is necessary to use USB 3.0 and Windows 8.1+ or MacOS x 10.10+. Figure 13 shows a test image for the 4k test of the Logitech Rally-Camera.


The range of the Logitech Rally-Deskmicrophone was measured at 5-6m maximum during the tests. After a distance of four meter, the transmitted reverberation share increases noticeably but stays comprehensible. The official range is said to be 4,5 meters.

There were no measured restrictions upon simultaneous receiving and transmitting of audio data.

Client test

The Logitech Rally Plus was usable unconditionally under all tested clients (Pexip, Adobe Connect, Browser via WebRTC, Polycom Desktop, Skype, Skype for Business) and all tested operating systems(Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS, Ubuntu).

A test of quality under Windows 7 for audio and video was evaluted very positively.


Image: Logitech Rally Plus: maximum wide-angle (video conference room)

Fig.5: maximum wide-angle (video conference room)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: normal zoom (video conference room)

Fig.6: normal zoom (video conference room)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: maximum zoom (video conference room)

Fig.7: maximum zoom (video conference room)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: contre-jour compensation (with ceiling lights)

Fig.8: contre-jour compensation (with ceiling lights)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: contre-jour compensation (without ceiling lights)

Fig.9: contre-jour compensation (without ceiling lights)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: compensation of low light (with ceiling lights)

Fig.10: compensation of low light (with ceiling lights)

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: compensation of low light (without ceiling lights)

Fig.11: compensation of low light (without ceiling lights)

More images and test recordings

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: backside of the Table-Hubs

Fig.12: backside of the Table-Hub

Image: Logitech Rally Plus: Test 4K

Fig.13: Test 4K

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The Logitech Rally Plus reaches new participant sizes for PC-based video- and webconferences through its componten-based setup and the extension possibilities for up to seven Logitech Rally-Deskmicrophones. Thus the term "Huddle-Room" is not well suited for this scale (up to 46 participants). Because of the very good audio and video quality and the ease of use, the Logitech Rally Plus manages to win us over and is universally utilizable for a wide range of video conference clients through its pc-based approach.