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Blackmagic Web Presenter

Bild Blackmagic Web Presenter


The Blackmagic Web Presenter enables to use any type of SDI- or HDMI video source as a USB webcam. The Blackmagic Web Presenter has a 12G SDI and HDMI input, a XLR microphone port, a HiFi audio input, a down converter and, if a Teranex Mini Smart Panel is available, a live mixer with two inputs. The Web Presenter is connected to the computer via USB and is provided by a seperated power supply.


With Windows 8.1/10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra the device is immediately detected and the drivers are automatically installed.
The device or the camera just has to be selected in the application and is after that ready for use.

Accessories/further images

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By using the Blackmagic Web Presenter it is possible to use every video source like for example a professional SDI camera or another HDMI sources as a webcam and to simplify the usage via multiple software (for example video conference software). The device makes it possible to connect a high quality video and audio signal without installing any driver, to a webcam compatible software. The down converter into 720p HD video quality is thereby a supporting element which allows a simple, high quality streaming with a low data volume. Moreover, the Web Presenter from Blackmagic allows quick and easy switching between various synchronized sources.


The Blackmagic Web Presenter represents a possibility to use any kind of audio and video sources for a compatible software as a webcam. Thereby is the installation of the device simple and functions almost perfectly. The main point to note therefore is also the good functionality of the Web Presenter by using older videosources. But for the simple usage with modern videosources there are alternatives with a better price-performence ratio.

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