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Test numbers IP / ISDN

Last update: 23th May 2016

IP test numbers

 Manufacturer / Institution  IP Address Alternative Comment
TU Dresden
Kompetenzzentrum für Videokonferenzdienste (VCC)
004935146321240 conferencing room TU Dresden
max. 6000 kbps
Australia's Academic and Research Network
(Cisco HD-MCU)

navigate to the conference named "AARNet HD Test (61262112650)"
or by entering conference ID 61262112650#, video and audio (cartoon)

Imago ScanSource   TV-show
Northwestern University (US)   own video playback or conference room
MORENET VS4000 Test Site (US)   cenference room
Parrot at BlueJeans   you will see an odd animation of a blue parrot
Sony North America (US)   no video
Fa. Polycom
140.242.250.[201 -205]
  difficult to reach, presentation of the company Polycom/ blue screen
VTC Test sites (
  difficult to reach, often poor connection, detailed test, test of the audio and video through the return of
own image and sound (digital loopback)
Accra Beach Hotel Barbados
  summer, sun, sunny beach (approx. 19:00 - 7:00 CET)
  street cam witch music
  difficult to reach, presentation
further numbers:


Manufacturer / Institution  Number Bandwith
TU Dresden
Kompetenzzentrum für Videokonferenzdienste (VCC)
+49 (0) 351 46342111 max. 384 kbps
+44 (0) 1753723849

max. 512 kbps (often busy)

Tandberg (USA)
+1 (514) 744-5514  
Tandberg (Norway)
+47 (23) 687-790 often busy
RVC (Toronto)
+1 (647) 826-1386  
further numbers:
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