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Test Report AVer HVC 330

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July / August 2012

SW Version

The test was performed with the software version S1.00.03.

Device Class

The device AVer HVC 330 is a set-top system, which is suitable for groups with up to 10 participants. It possesses a 5 mega pixel camera, which facilitates resolutions up to 720p.

Scope of Delivery

The system is delivered with codec, camera, 2 microphones, a remote control and all the necessary cables.


For point-to-point connections, the system facilitates calls according to H.323 and SIP with bandwidths up to 4096 kbps.

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The installation of the necessary components proves to be easy and fast, thanks to the elaborate colour system. Adjusting the necessary software options takes remotely longer because the interface is not intuitive.

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Operating the system is slightly difficult. The remote control's keys are somewhat stiff. In order to work, the remote control has to be pointed directly at the receiver. Overall, there were some difficulties with the menu prompts in the beginning. It takes some time to learn where certain menu items can be found.


Audio and video transmissions were always good to very good. The maximum resolution for receiving as well as transmitting reached 720p. G.722 was always used for audio (safe with CISCO Jabber Video).


Data presentations according to H.239 are always practically usable with static content.

Often, there are small errors in the transmission though. Often, insufficient anti-aliasing is especially disturbing since the letters are therefore displayed blurred. Apart from that, the video quality was reduced in several connections during the data presentation (e.g. with LifeSize Softphone Windows, Polycom HDX 8004, CISCO C40).

When transmitting dynamic content via the data channel the tested system showed its limits of performance. While SD films were of acceptable quality, sending and receiving HD films according to H.239 was not sensibly possible.

The statistics of the data presentation display a seemingly systematic error. The values, which are shown at "Sending data presentation" for bandwidth and frame rate are always twice the value which is displayed at the opposite side (called "receiving data presentation" there, of course).

Remote Control

The HVC 330 camera could not be operated by the modern remote sides of the company CISCO (EX 90, C-Series). Apart from that, it always worked in both directions as long as the technical requirements were met.


Collaboration with the Codian MCU of the service DFNVideoConference worked faultlessly with 4 Mbps for video according to H.264 and 720p and for audio with G.722 (sending) respectively G.722.1C (receiving). The data presentation was transmitted with ca. 1000 kbps, VGA and constantly 5 fps for all content types.

Calls via SIP and URI dialling are not possible.


The collaboration with the gatekeepers GNU-GK 2.0.7 and CISCO MCM worked faultlessly and stable. Registering with these devices always worked.


In connections of AVer HVC 330 with LifeSize Softphone a connection failure occurs after exactly 15 minutes, if LifeSize Softphone calls. This happens with the Windows as well as the Apple version. The error does not occur when the AVer initiates the call.

The AES 128-bit encryption is used by default when the requirements are met.

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The expectations, which are based on technical data of the device, were realised in the connections. Therefore, the price-performance ratio is good.

Smaller persistent shortcomings should be fixed by the manufacturer in the next revision.

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We would like to thank the company AVer for providing the devices.

Manufacturer: AVer
Contact: Video Conferencing Concept - Robert Karl

Supported General Standards H.323, SIP
Audio Encoding G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, G.728
Video Compression H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264
Bandwidth Up to 4 Mbps
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