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VCC: registered H.323 Terminals

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All video conference devices at the VCC, reachable over the service DFNVideoConference, are listed in the following.
For calling you can use the DFN prefix followed by the number of the device. As a condition, your video conference system has to support H.323 and the service DFN VideoConference has to be registered. Otherwise you can try to dial up the IP address of the device.

Caution: Updating the list will last approx. 5-10 seconds.

GNU-Gatekeeper V4.4  DFN-Prefix: 00493514632  IP:

Name(s) Number(s) IP address Status
VCC Cisco C40 1240 idle
Biotec 1501 idle
VCC Tandberg 6000 MXP 1245 idle